Download Checking Out My Stepmoms Tattoos – Kali Ryder – WCA Productions FullHD 1080p for Free

Checking Out My Stepmoms Tattoos – Kali Ryder – WCA Productions FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionMy new stepmom Kali is so hot and i cant stop thinking about her naked. one day after school we made some small talk in the kitchen about her tattoos, she seemed really proud of them and told me a bunch about how it felt to get one. i told her i was thinking about getting one and that made her even more talkative. she told me she had to put lotion on every day to make sure they looked good when she got out of shower. a little while later she said she was off to the shower and when she was done she would et started on dinner. a waited until i heard the shower turn off in her bathroom then i crept down the hallway and peered around the corner and was reward with a dream come true. Kali was laying on her bed naked rubbing in lotion, i took in ever bit of her body and i loved it! the next day when i got home from school i knew my dad would be working late so i figured with how horny i was feeling now was my time to make a move. i found Kali in the kitchen, we made some small talk then i asked her if she ever need help get lotion on all her tattoos. she smiled and said she did and since my dad was working late a lot he was around to help her, i offered to help and she told me she would give me a holler when she was done with her shower. when i her Kali calling for me i went the her and my dads bedroom and found kali laying naked face down on the bed with just a towel covering her ass. she told me to grab the lotion and start rubbing, i worked my way up and down her body and i could feel her relax with enjoyment. i was still rubbing and massing the lotion in as i worked my way up her leg to her as then before she could realize what i was doing i started rubbing her pussy. she tried to object but once my fingers were inside of her playing with her G spot she could focus on anything besides the orgasm that was building inside of her. once she came i whipped my dick and she started sucking and fucking it. now every day after school i check out my stepmoms tattoos while im fucking her before dad gets home.

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