Download Worship Daddy’s Big Dick with CIM & ASMR – Zara, Roxy Cox FullHD 1080p for Free

Worship Daddy’s Big Dick with CIM & ASMR – Zara, Roxy Cox FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionRoxy and best friend Zara sneak into the room. Whispering to each other “let’s play in here, my step-mom keeps shouting at us for making too much noise, she won’t hear us in here as long as we’re quiet”. They sit down on the rug and then Zara notices that Step-Daddy is watching porn and jerking off. She whispers to Roxy “what’s your Step-Dad doing?” “He’s got his headphones on”, “I don’t think he can hear us “What’s he doing with his hand?” It’s so big, the girls get up on their knees and move closer to step-daddy to get a better look. They can’t believe how big his cock is! “Wow, look how big his thing is” “oh my god!, it’s huge” “It looks like it’s getting even bigger!” “I bet you never guessed your step-dad had such a gigantic dick” “Shhhh” Suddenly he turns round and notices them, they look startled and whisper “Oh, hey Step-Daddy, we just came in here cause step-mom said we were making too much noise outside” “yeah, sorry we didn’t know you were in here” “what were you doing step-daddy, why was your thing getting so big” “can we see it again mister?” “yeah step-daddy, go on, show us again!” Step-Daddy tells them he will show them, but they need to keep quiet and not make any noise. “Ok step-daddy, we can do that” “yeah, we promise we’ll stay quiet and not make any noise” “you can show us, we won’t tell anyone”. Please show us your big cock again. Step-Daddy’s cock appears in front of them The girls are amazed at the size they whisper “That’s so huge step-daddy, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen! “yeah, that’s such an amazing cock mister” “Hey step-daddy… can I touch it” Step-Daddy says her friend should have the first turn “OK Step-Daddy, you’re right, guests first” Zara starts reaching out and grabs the cock. Step-Daddy tells her to rub it back and forth “OK, like this mister?” “Does that feel good step-daddy? Can I have a turn now step-daddy?” Roxy starts giving a hand job and they take turns jerking him off and worshiping his big cock. Now they want to suck it and give Step-Daddy a nice blowjob whispering that it tastes so good Step-Daddy. Step-Daddy gets them to gag and lick both sides of his thick shaft together. They beg for Step-Daddy’s cum and are desperate to take his big load. They give step-daddy JOI and tell him to jerk it and stroke it for them even joining in to give him a hand and get his dick off for them. Cum in our mouths Step-Daddy, cum all over out pretty faces. We want it all step-daddy on our knees ready to take all of your spunk. They both open their mouth and lick Step-Daddy’s cock cock clean, swapping the cum between their dirty mouths and tasting Step-Daddy’s cum.

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