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Anal With Mommy Nicaraguan Gala MV – Manyvids HD 720p
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Descriptiont’s your first time doing anal and what could be better than doing anal with mommy? I’m wearing some blue leggings and tease you with them for a couple of minutes, until i take them down and take your cock in my ass. You’re such a good boy and I want every inch of your cock inside me. I take it doggy style and then riding front view (positions shown in preview). I ask you to cum inside me and fill me with your cum in my ass.You give me 2 creampies!!! So much cum. The first creampie is in the doggy position, and front view. I also taste your cock after it was in my ass. I dont care if your dad gets home and sees me with you, after all your dick is better than his! I think we should do more anal more often sweetie. This video doesn’t have a story line, or script, just some anal with mommy roleplay 🙂 and this is my first time trying my fuck machine for anal and for a full length vid! Was so challenging but i came TWICE! lol **NOTE: this video has some cuts, this is because the fuck machine couldnt stay in place until i taped it down lol. I don’t think it distracts from those new angles tho 🙂 I also i fell to the ground many times because of all the fake cum and also when i orgasmed, was so chaotic lol i include a little blooper. It’s my first time with this fuck machine in a video like this, so I thought i would try so i can learn how use it more in the future

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