Download The Mind Eraser – Lovenia Lux – Erotic Contacts HD 720p for Free

The Mind Eraser – Lovenia Lux – Erotic Contacts HD 720p
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DescriptionSteve has a hot, platonic roommate, but she’s moving out after three years of living with him. Citing too much sexual tension, meaning she’s tense becasue he wants to have sex with her, she’s gone at the end of the month. He suggests a good-bye tryst, but she denies him in no uncertain terms. Not to be disuaded, Steve spikes her bed-side glass of water with a mind eraser, while she’s taking her morning shower. After she gets dressed for work, she drinks it. And lo and behold, her mind gets erased! And her eyes white out! A mindless woman doesn’t say much, and one thing she never says is “no.” Steve takes advantage of that little fact to make his roommate-sex dreams come true. Three long years of platonic torture are finally over. She blows him, fucks him and even takes it up the ass. He commands her not to move out, and to live with him forever as his sex slave. And as for that bedside glass of water… it’ll be replaced by fresh loads of hot cum. Cute, hardbodied Lovenia Lux stars as Steve’s mind-erased missy.

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