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Football Team Mom – Alrik, Payton Hall FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionAlrik is the star football player. Payton is the team mom and they are on an away game that is very important for championship. The young stud is out of sorts due to pre game stress and a recent break up with his immature drama filled girlfriend. Well Payton tries to relax Alrik by giving him a nice massage. She is rubbing him and he has such as fine ass and such young smooth skin that she finds herself overtaken by the moment. She feels his butt cheeks and pulls his ass apart. She needs to take off her shoes she says…. But then instead of just shoes, she dismounts him and quickly takes off her yoga pants and workout jacket and even her bra and panties. Somehow she finds herself compelled to be nude straddling her boy and rubs her tits up down his back. Her tits on his back and her engorged pussy lightly touching him, he tkes notice that she is naked, and she is his team Mom. Well, Alrik is surprised but not at all put off. Payton instructs him to turn over and now she is impressed and excited by his hard young cock. They make promises not to tell and game is on. Payton can’t keep that youthful gorgeous cock out of her mouth. She gives him one big boy kind of blow job, all while getting more horny and more wet while doing so. She’s come this far, she can’t stop now. She mounts him in reverse cowgirl giving him a great view of his member going into her mature mom pussy. It feels so great for them both. Alrik mounts her now on top and his fine ass pushes his cock deep hard satisfying a craving that Payton had like no other. The young player is very good at sex. He fuels his energy by eating out Payton then really getting himself going in doggie. He can hold no longer and cums in Payton, but it’s very passionate and they kiss and hold onto that moment. It is like time stopped and the world makes sense again. Now this team Mom has done her job and he is ready for the game!

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