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Thinking About Daddy`s Dick – Ashley Alban HD 720p
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DescriptionAshley is supposed to go clean up her room, but she doesn’t feel like doing that right now. She hops on the bed and starts thinking about how she saw her step-dad naked coming out of the shower earlier. She never saw a dick in real life before. Part of her feels like it’s gross seeing step-daddy’s dick, but part of her is turned on thinking about it. She’s so sick of the annoying boys at school. Ashley wants to lose her virginity to a real man. After turning herself on, Ashley decides to masturbate instead of doing her chores. She thinks about step-daddy’s dick while she rubs her wet little pussy. She really wants to lose her virginity. Maybe she can seduce step-daddy. She can wear her leggings so he can really see her big ass. Ashley fingers herself and cums while thinking about what it would be like to seduce step-daddy and lose her virginity to him. Video includes: taboo, solo masturbation, orgasm, step-daddy’s girl, pig tails, brat girl, fingering, dirty talk

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