Download American Family BuddahsPlayground – My Step Son`s Seed HD 720p for Free

American Family BuddahsPlayground – My Step Son`s Seed HD 720p
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Description ManyVids Hi honey! I was expecting your step-father to walk through the door, not you! Well, I am so embarrassed. You see: you step-dad and I have been trying to have a little one and we have been trying for quite some time without success. He knows that I am ovulating and the timing is perfect. Now he calls last minute to say he won’t be home all weekend long…. what am I supposed to do? Well, I do know of something that would work. you see- if you were to get me pregnant nobody would ever know since you look just like your step-father. The baby would look like him too! I really don’t think your dads sperm has any impact anymore and maybe someone younger with more stamina can do the job better. This does mean that you will have to ….. oh my…. you ARE all ready. Please be sure to go in me deep and plant your seed . We will change positions so that you can be sure to go as deep in me as you can. We also will NOT be wearing a condom. I know this goes against everything that I have been teaching you, but things are different in this situation and… well… you would be helping me. I would actually be helping you too by teaching you how to pound a woman really hard and have sex with her in different positions. Your future girlfriends will be thanking me . We must NEVER tell you step-father about this though. It does need to stay just between us ok?

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