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Manyvids BuddahsPlayground – Mommy’s Remedy HD 720p
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Description You don’t need to worry about those bullies and all of the lies that they say to you. We both know they are only jealous. Come here, let mens comfort you. Sometimes laying your head on step mommy’s bosom can make you fell so good. Maybe it is just what you need to forget all about everything that went on in school today. Aww- you still look stressed. I know what you need. However I do have one thing that I have to ask of you. Please don’t tell anyone else about my home remedy ok? People would frown on it and then start spreading rumors all over town and that is the last thing that our family needs. Come here honey, let me take care of you the way that I know you need to be taken care of. I will slowly unbutton my blouse that I was wearing for the tom meeting with your teacher. Do you like my bra? It is navy blue and sheer. Oh you DO like it don’t you? I can see your “manhood” quickly standing at attention”. No- I’m not upset. Actually… on the contrary. That s exactly what I hoped would happen. ~ You arrive home early to find your step mother on a zoom meeting with your teachers. You know it is about the bullying that has been taking place at school. Your step mother takes things into her hands and seduces you.She explains that she can help you and of course you trust her guidance since she has always ben right. She removes her blouse and bra to show you her ample cleavage and are breasts. Removing her tight leather pants and panties reveals a lovely bush and spread pussy. She is right…. suddenly you have forgotten all about your problems and move in close to her….

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