Download Manyvids Canadian Harley Sin – Moms Unconventional Sex Ed HD 720p for Free

Manyvids Canadian Harley Sin – Moms Unconventional Sex Ed HD 720p
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DescriptionMom wants to talk to you. It’s time you had a chat about the birds and the bees… you’re so naive.. the SEX talk. You get embarrassed but mom reassures you. All boys have the sex talk with their moms, just nobody talks about it. Your mother in unconventional, she’s taking a hands on approach. She wants what’s best for you, and knows you learn best through tactile experiences. She tells you you have to be fast, since daddy won’t be out for long. You’re confused again to why your dad can’t be home for this talk.. she reminds you, because it’s a secret. Your mom tells you she wore her lingerie to get you hard faster. She asks you to take it out, and when she sees your hard, starts rubbing you. But you’re not quite hard enough, you know, for putting the penis inside the vagina, so she uses her spit to lube your penis. She’s pleased now, you’re hard enough for intercourse. Are you ready for the next part of the lesson? Mom moves her panties off to the side and tells you to put it in, slowly. You only get a few pumps in before you cum. Your mother reassures you it’s perfectly normal, this is why she’s doing this for you, so you can practice. Your next lesson, dads stepped out again. Your mom wants to teach you about female anatomy. She pulls her skirt up to show she’s not wearing any panties. She starts with the clitoris, how women like to be rubbed there. You want a closer look, so you get right in between your mothers legs. She’s proud you’re showing initiative. She shows you her labia and explains your mothers labia are very large. That there are all shapes and sizes, and all are beautiful. She will teach you how to start at the clitoris, and then slowly start with 1 finger inside the vagina, working up to 2. She wants to show you how to get the pussy nice and wet first. Mother is getting aroused now, rubbing herself with your between her legs, watching. She starts applying more pressure and speed, and wonders if you’d like to see a woman pussy orgasm? You notice your mommy is getting wet and creamy. She tells you this is a good sign of female arousal. You watch as your mommy cums to her own masturbation, her pussy juices flow out of her and she pulses. She shows you how swollen she is now… she wants to try intercourse again. You get on top of your mommy and make it a bit longer than last time. She is pleased… when your dad comes home and she quickly pulls her skirt down.. Later that night, dads gone to bed and mom wants to try sex one last time. She thinks you made such good progress today. She is very supporting, she only wants what’s best for your sexual education. She spreads her legs for you, she can see how hard you are already! She is pleased with your progress, and gently glides you inside. You are lasting SO much longer this time. She’s even getting those orgasm feelings. You start rubbing her clit, using her method. She is getting close but she has to be quiet so she doesn’t wake up dad. You get on top of her and start pounding her. She gives directions, grab her hips, slap her ass. She loves it. She wants you to take control. Its what all women want, to be dominated. Your mother has a massage orgasm, she biggest ones she’s ever had. She can feel your cum dripping out of her pussy. She thinks you should continue your lessons, since you still have a lot to learn..

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