Download Luke Longly, Cory Chase, Bess Breast & Melanie Hicks – Free Use Step Family FullHD 1080p for Free

Luke Longly, Cory Chase, Bess Breast & Melanie Hicks – Free Use Step Family FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionFucking Step Dad on Step Brother’s Bed Step Family Threesome My wife and my step-daughter are sitting next to each other on the bed, and they’re both wearing lingerie. Melanie tells our step-daughter, Bess, that she has awesome, big tits. My wife and Bess start to feel each other’s tits and lick each other’s nipples. I walk into the bedroom just as my step-daughter is licking my wife’s nipples. I can’t help but instantly get hard! I want to join them, so I whip my hard cock out and they’re both eager to suck my cock. Melanie wants me to fuck her first, so she lies down on the bed in the missionary position and she spreads her legs for me to fuck her. Her big tits bounce with every thrust. I want to fuck my step-daughter next, so Melanie and Bess switch places. I shove my cock deep into Bess’ pussy while Bess eats Melanie’s pussy out. After a few minutes, Melanie hops on top of my cock and she rides me in the cowgirl position followed by reverse cowgirl. I want Bess to ride me next, so my step-daughter gets on top of me next. Her big tits bounce while she rides my hard cock, and I can feel my cock getting even harder than before! I keep fucking my wife and my step-daughter back and forth until I get close to cumming. Then, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock of all over my step-daughter’s cute face! She kisses Melanie afterwards, and the two of them share my cum. Step Family Foursome My wife, my step-daughter and my wife’s step-sister, Cory, are hanging out together in the bedroom. Melanie is wearing red panties and a bra, Cory is wearing the same but in purple, and Tess is wearing blue lingerie. It only takes a moment before all three of my hot step-family members are naked and kissing each other. Bess lies down on the bed, while Melanie sits on her face, and Cory starts to eat Bess out. I walk into the bedroom at this moment and I ask them what they’re doing. I definitely want to join the three of them, and Cory tells me to come on over! I get behind Cory and I shove my cock deep inside of her, while she is still eating Bess’ pussy out. I want to fuck my step-daughter, Bess, next, so I have Bess lie down on the bed right after Cory. I don’t want my wife to get jealous though, so I fuck Melanie next! I keep taking turns between all three pussies, and I’m having the time of my life! Now that I am close to cumming, I walk over to my step-daughter and I cum in her mouth and all over her face. Then my wife and Cory kiss Bess, so all three women can enjoy my cum! What a long day; I think it’s dinner time now…

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