Download Manyvids Mama Fiona – Black-Mailed by my StepDaughter FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Mama Fiona – Black-Mailed by my StepDaughter FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionI am your “step”daughter home from college. You and I have never really gotten along so I’m surprised and irritated to hear you asking about my college courses. I offer it up and then after a minute decide to disclose to you that I’ve also been learning quite a bit about FEMDOM, and how I’ve been using it to my advantage at school, getting boys to do everything and anything I want. You are curious and ask me to do it to you. I know your weaknesses, you are my stepdad after all, so using everything I know about you – your very sexy stepdaughter preys on you, mesmerizing you into submission. I a, very good at reminding you allllll about your fetish for materials: fur, satin, silk, nylons, stilettos, glam girls, glossy lips, beauty, makeup – and you are embarrassed at the site of your boner; however I assure you that I’m used to boys jerking off in front of me! I continue to seduce your brain further and further, deeper and deeper into your fetishes – so sensually and erotically that before you know it you are worshipping your very own stepdaughter… creating cum puddles all over the floor! And now you’ll be masturbating to me 24/7 and completely engrossed in your materialistic fetishes. I knew this would be easy – stepdads always are. advertising step but in the video I use NON step-language!

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