Download Hot Girl Summer pt. 1 – Tyler Nixon, Abbie Maley FullHD 1080p for Free

Hot Girl Summer pt. 1 – Tyler Nixon, Abbie Maley FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionStepbrother, Henry (Tyler Nixon), is spying on his stepsister, Abbie (Maley), as she talks to him about her cousin Katie (Chloe Cherry). She is trying on new bikinis. It’s usual for Abbie to undress and dress in front of her stepbrother, it still surprises him each and every time. Henry is in awe of Abbie, and Abbie is quite oblivious to it, she’s used to men fawning over her, but never thinks that her own stepbrother would be into her. When Henry leaves he dreams of her, he leaves the room but he continues to peek at her, stroking as he watches Abbie modeling her outfit for her cousin. Henry’s eyes light up as he hears her confess to Katie that she has a crush on Henry. Later, she asks Henry to drive her and Katie around because neither of them have their license. She uses her feminine charms, just as she used to do with her daddy, as she asks him to help her out. She notices something different about Henry. He’s looking at her.. differently, not quite as a stepbrother, but as a man. She uses this to her advantage as she confesses that she’s always found him “cute,” and that she wants to “practice” with him because she knows he likes her too. She then drops to her knees and is amazed by his size as she starts to lick his shaft. She then hops onto her bed and slides her swimsuit off so that be can enter her from behind. Her groaning becomes deeper as she begs to be slapped as Henry drives into her deeply before he hops onto the bed so she can ride him in cowgirl. A bit more fellatio and then into missionary before Tyler pulls out and sprays her chest with his cum.

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