Download Nurse Gets Single Mom Pregnant By Donor – Ms Lenina Crowne, Roxy Cox united kingdom 4k 2160p for Free

Nurse Gets Single Mom Pregnant By Donor – Ms Lenina Crowne, Roxy Cox united kingdom 4k 2160p
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DescriptionNurse Roxy welcomes patient Ms Lenina Crowne to the clinic and begins going through the procedure. Nurse tells her a little about the history of sperm donor and boasts about his many successful impregnations holding an impeccable record and is the clinics top donor. Nurse says he is actually just coming in to give a fresh donation now. Patient Lenina asks if she can meet him, nurse says that’s not possible because of privacy laws and not something they normally do, but the patient really begs and the nurse eventually says she will ask him if he’d be willing. Nurse Roxy comes back in with donor following her. Slutty patient Lenina immediately starts flirting with him. Says how much she wants to get pregnant, how this will change her life and it’s all she’s ever wanted. Lenina has read his record but didn’t expect him to be so good looking in person. Nurse Roxy shows Lenina his records but she’s not interested in readign through files and flings them away. She begins to question why she is paying for insemination when she can get it direct now he’s here right in front of her. She begins to teases him, puts his hands on her tits & squeezing them a little while the nurse tries to stop her getting around the system and tells her to follow the rules of the clinic like everyone else. Patient tells nurse not to worry, she’ll still get her money, might even be a bonus in it for her if she keeps quiet and they can get the insemination done right now. The nurse comes round to the idea as goes along with the new plan annd she says she is happy to assist and prepare him for the procedure. Lenina the patient sits back and play with herself, talking dirty and how much she wants to get pregnant. Nurse Roxy starts giving the sperm donor a handjob and blowjob with latex gloves and wants to get him rock hard and ready to fuck her patient and make sure she gets pregnant. Now he’s all ready to go, the nurse has Lenina lay back and spread her legs wide with tits out and her top pulled up so her belly is visible. Donor starts fucking her tight pussy, stretching her with his huge cock and she begs him to breed her and to impregnate her. He keeps pounding her while the nurse encourages him to cum inside her and fill her up right now. Lenina is squeezing her tits and he shoots his load balls deep inside her and she tells him to keep it in and not let any go to waste she needs all the seed and every drop of his sperm to get her pregnant. **MV Version is 8K Downsampled to 4K – Send a Message After Buying If You Are Interested In Downloading The Full 8K Version**

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