Download Tyler Cruise, Kit Mercer – Son squeeze Mommy`s breasts FullHD 1080p for Free

Tyler Cruise, Kit Mercer – Son squeeze Mommy`s breasts FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionTyler Cruise excitedly waits for his new stepmom, Kit Mercer, to arrive. Once she arrives, it’s obvious that he lusts for her, though he tries to play it cool. Tyler takes Kit’s suitcase for her, wanting to impress her, but it’s too heavy for him. Kit finds this endearing, and tells him not to worry about it, as she picks up the suitcase herself… As the days go by, Tyler tries to find other ways to impress Kit. He attempts to hammer a nail into the wall to hang her new painting, but ends up accidentally hammering his thumb, right in front of Kit. Ouch! Next, he tries to move furniture for her, but isn’t strong enough. After failing so many times, Tyler becomes visibly embarrassed and upset. While Tyler mopes, Kit tries to comfort him. She tries to get Tyler to open up to her, and he says that he won’t ever be able to impress a girl if he can’t do stuff like hammer nails and move furniture. Kit continues to soothe him, saying that he should just be himself, but she’s also here to give him advice on getting a girlfriend if he needs extra help. When she finds out that Tyler doesn’t have much experience with touching girls, Kit surprises him by letting him touch and squeeze her breasts. Then for a further lesson, she invites him to touch and lick her pussy… looks like Tyler’s going to get the action he wanted after all!

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