Download Manyvids Dina Sky – Daddy`s Girl Virgin Gets Fucked At Birthday Party FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Dina Sky – Daddy`s Girl Virgin Gets Fucked At Birthday Party FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionDaddy & Step Brother throw a birthday party for me, decorations are up, presents are ready, and they even got me a Birthday Girl Tiara, so I can feel like a princess. Strangely the party consists of all boys, my daddy, my step brother, my brother in law, my crush from gym class (yay!), and even this guy I don’t know very well, I think he’s on the football team. I am all dressed up in my pretty pink dress, my pink cardigan, and I’m super excited, I pull aside my step brother to talk to him and ask if he invited my crush, Im nervous to talk to him, but my bro insists he likes me too, and I decide to go over and attempt to flirt (inexperienced and shy) I make some small talk, smiles, giggles, but my daddy interrupts me to tell me its time to open presents! Super excited, I have a seat on the couch, and daddy directs me to open his gift he got me first…. uh 8.5 inches, wait its a dildo???! Daddy you got me a dildo, resorting back to my shyness, I know it’s time to be a big girl now, but its so BIG, everyone shouts out to try it out, kiss It, lick it, daddy tells me its okay go ahead. I start to kiss it and before you know it I am being told to suck it, and then suck my crush’s cock, I’ve never done this before, im so nervous, shy, and reluctant, but all eyes are on me. I do as daddy says, I start to suck my crush’s cock, I suck the dildo, and start to enjoy myself, eventually daddy tells me to fuck the dildo while sucking, as he says I listen, I mean I am daddy’s girl. Then daddy tells me to fuck my crush, I bend over on the couch, ouch it hurts, I’m tight (still a virgin), but it feels good, since we don’t want a mess for mommy to see, he directs my crush to cum inside of me, and he does, but now my step brother wants in on the fun, time to ride my brother, bouncing my tits in his face, and telling him I like it, Im beginning to really enjoy myself, more cum inside of my pussy, and then I hope on my brother in law and ride him with my booty in view so perfectly, I start singing “Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me give me all the cum inside of me” etc, and there goes another load inside of me, things are happening so fast, everyone wants a piece of me, and everyone wants to cum inside. The next guy is a bit more aggressive and hard, and REALLY big, but daddy assures me its okay and to take his cock like a big girl, I do exactly what he says, as he pounds away, and cum insides too. A bit cum crazed from all this, finally it’s daddy’s turn, daddy is nice, slow, and eventually fills me up too for my final load, I bend over and let the cum drip out just like I did before, so much cum, wow thank you for my birthday gifts everyone, uh oh mommy walks in…….

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