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Manyvids Sloansmoans – Nannys Secret Game HD 720p
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DescriptionWatch as your very sweet and loving nanny is looking after you for the week while your parents are away. The scene begins as you just finish up a bath and she’s drying you off. She makes small talk with you until she notices that your peepee is getting hard. She is shocked at how big it is, saying that it’s bigger than her boyfriends and she asks if you’ve ever gotten hard before. When you tell her that you’ve never seen it get like that she tells you that it’s okay, not to be embarrassed. She tries to ignore it, trying not to look at it but then she murmurs to herself that “it’s wrong, but I can’t help it” and she asks if you want to play a secret game with her. She tells you that she’s never tried it with a boy she’s nannied before but she wants to try it with you because your peepee is so stiff. She tells you that you can’t tell mommy or daddy or anyone about this game and you promise her that you won’t. She explains that the goal of the game is for you to shoot white stuff out of your peepee because you’ve never done that before. She strips out of her clothes and tells you that the tingles you feel for her are all a part of the game. She asks you to touch and suck her breasts… you love her big tits. She then lowers down to give you a handjob as she continues to be sweet and gentle. This progresses into a blowjob and she’s starting to get hornier and sluttier as she goes on. She gags on your big boy cock and she starts talking more and more naughty as she reminds you that this game needs to remain a secret. She then tells you that you’re going to put your peepee inside of her. You move to the bed and she straddles you in cowgirl and begins to ride your cock. She’s talking very dirty now about how good you feel and what a naughty little fuck you are. She cums on your cock and wants more. She turns around in reverse cowgirl and continues to get more and more naughty as she bounces on your cock. She then puts her ass In the air and tells you to spank her for being a naughty nanny and for introducing you to this secret game. She starts telling you to fuck her hard in doggystyle. You listen and she cums again and at this point she’s adamant about making your big boy cock shoot out your yummy white stuff. She lays in missionary and you fuck her hard as she tells you how good it feels to have you fucking her. She starts begging for your cum, she wants you to shoot your white stuff deep into her pussy. You cum with her and it feels so damn good. She congratulates you on your first creampie being inside of a grown woman. She tells you that you’re both winners because there are many ways to play this secret game and you have all week long to play over and over again…

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