Download Manyvids American Katy Faery – Happy Fathers Week Daddy Gift 3 FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids American Katy Faery – Happy Fathers Week Daddy Gift 3 FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionIt’s the end of the week and your sexy daughter, Katy Faery, is outside on the deck, with her long beautiful brunette hair tied into low pig tails. She slowly peels a banana, smiles, and takes a big bite. Just as Katy bites into the banana, she notices you standing there. Katy giggles as she bites into the banana, “I didn’t even notice you there, Daddy. Does this remind you of something?” You hand your daughter the coupon she made you for Father’s Day, “One (1) Blowjob.” Katy giggles as she reads the coupon out loud. She tells you to let her finish up, and she will meet you in the bedroom. Katy takes one last sexy bite of that banana as you walk away.. Your daughter sits in front of you on the bed, on her knees. “I don’t know about you, Daddy…But I’m really ready for that third gift.” Katy crawls over to you, and strips off your pants. Your daughter begins to slowly suck your cock. She grips your cock tightly with her tiny hand, and sucks at the tip. Katy shoves every inch of your cock down her throat as she gently massages your balls. “I hope you’re loving your Father’s Week, Daddy… Because I love spoiling you.” Your daughter sucks and strokes your cock, looking up at you with her big brown eyes. Katy tells you to lay down and get a little more comfortable, so she can continue to please you. She gets down on her stomach, and begins licking and kissing your hard cock. Katy strokes your cock with her hand as she takes all of your cock down her throat. Your daughter asks if you would like to see her ass. She turns around, and slowly strips off her jean shorts. Katy slaps her ass, and takes off her shorts completely. She turns back around, rubs her pussy through her thong panties…and gets back on her stomach to suck your cock. “Where were we?” Katy kicks her feet back in forth in the air as she sucks your cock. She licks the tip, and grips you tightly with her hands. Katy sucks your cock until you cum all inside of her mouth. Your daughter plays with your cum in her mouth before swallowing all of it. “Yum, that was tasty. Remember…

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