Download Macy Meadows – you like my feet, don’t you daddy? FullHD 1080p for Free

Macy Meadows – you like my feet, don’t you daddy? FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionI’ve known for a while that my stepdad has a thing for me. What I didn’t know, and didn’t expect, is how much of a foot fetish he has. I constantly catch him staring at my pretty feet. Even when he’s sitting next to my mom. For my birthday, he got me a very sexy pair of high heels. That’s when I knew I could have him if I wanted and all I’d have to do was wiggle my cute little toes. Luckily, on this day, mom was away for business and I decided to have some fun. I was laying by the pool wearing a sexy orange bikini. Of course, all the while, my stepdad was staring at me from the balcony. But this is exactly what I wanted. I asked him if he would bring me a glass of juice while I played with my feet in the pool; wiggling my toes and splashing around when he arrived. I thanked him and asked if he would mind to rub sunscreen on me. As he was about to apply the sunscreen to my shoulders, I quickly turned around and placed my sexy white pedicured feet on his chest. I told him to rub sunscreen on them as well. He was shocked at first but I told him I know he likes my feet and couldn’t help but say “Don’t you daddy?” So then I told him that I need him to fix my bed and this might be the perfect time and opportunity for him to help. Obviously he agreed. While he was looking under my bed, I stripped off my bikini and I sat there naked. When he looked up, all he saw was my feet in his face. I quickly put my feet in his surprised open mouth. He didn’t hesitate much and started to suck on my sexy toes and licked my soft soles. Then he went down on me. While he ate my slutty pussy, I played with his cock with my silky beautiful feet. Soon he stood up and I gave him a hot slutty footjob. He opened my legs and slid his hard cock into my juicy pussy. He sucked on my feet and toes while pounding my tight little pussy. It was so hot. He made me cum so hard while riding his hard cock with my feet curled up. At the end he came all over my sexy feet and cute toes. Cum on feet is so hot. I just hope mom never finds out…

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