Download Stroke It To Your Sexy Sister Instead Dont Be Gay Brother Part 1 – Katy Faery – Manyvids FullHD 1080p for Free

Stroke It To Your Sexy Sister Instead Dont Be Gay Brother Part 1 – Katy Faery – Manyvids FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionYour sister, Katy Faery, sits on the bed in a tiny green skirt, and just a vest. “Bro. There’s something that we need to talk about really bad.” Katy tells you that she won’t tell anyone, but she looked at your history on your computer and found “all of that disgusting gay porn”. She says that other people are even coming up to her and asking about her “gay brother”. “I don’t know what you’ve got going on right now, but we need to fix this…right now.” Katy goes on to tell you how your family would not approve, the town you live in wouldn’t understand…and how miserable you’d be everyday. “You should like women..and how sexy they are.” Your sister begins to slowly rub her hands over her body, showing off her curves and feminine form. “How can you be gay if you’ve never had an experience with a girl?” Katy starts to unbutton her vest. “Let me show you what a real woman looks like.” Your sister shows off her bare breasts under the vest. “You see these tits? Women have them. Men only have them if they are fat.” Katy rubs and massages her nipples. She spreads open her legs in her skirt, and shows off how she’s not wearing any panties. Your sister rubs her pussy, and tells you that a tight little pussy is all you really want. “Bro, why don’t I tell you how to stroke it, and you won’t have to watch that nasty gay porn anymore.” Katy tells you to get comfortable, and she will show you how it’s done. Your half-naked sister tells you to grip your cock at the base, and stroke it slowly. “Isn’t this so much better than watching all of that gay porn?” Katy tells you to grip your cock with two hands, and stroke. “Just imagine a sexy girl on top of you…Not some nasty dude.” Katy tells you to stroke slowly, and rub your balls. Your sister lays back, and lifts up her skirt. “See this tight pussy? That’s all you should think about.” Katy fingers herself, and licks her wetness off her finger. She turns around, and pulls her skirt up over her ass. “If you want to stick it in an ass…Stick it in a girl’s ass. We have two holes, so it’s better.” Katy turns around, and tells you to keep stroking your cock. She spreads her legs again, and fingers herself. “Yes, Bro. Keep stroking that cock.” Your sister tells you to stroke faster as she plays with herself. She tells you she’s going to count down, and she wants you to cum when she stops… Only thinking about a tight pussy and not a guy.

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