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Don`t tell ur brother – Missbehavin26 – Manyvids FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionLike to see me covered in cum? This video is for you DILDO FUCKING , DILDO SUCKING, REALLY WET PUSSY SOUNDS , MMMmmmmm Script: Blackmail Alot of dirty talking (No bf, just dildo) Outfit: Sexy Stripper type lingerie, with casual jeans and shirt with alot of cleavage (Colours: black, white, or red) Makeup: Stripper type make up, nude lipstick Im sitting in a hotel room due to travelling alot for work, and decide to check out some escorts. I never see a face on the girl, but the body looks amazing for me to have her come to my room. When you arrive, you look super sexy like a hot stripper. I open the door, see your face and im shocked to see my brothers girlfriend as the escort. You’re embarrassed but quickly get in the room to yell at me for ordering an escort, but i argue back.. We argue a bit back and forth about whose in the wrong, and you finally say you’re leaving… but then i grab your arm and say that ill tell my brother about you if you leave. I close the door, lock it, and sit on the chair. I tell you that wont say a word if you still do the “services” you were ordered for. You get angry and tell me im absolutely disgusting and that you wont do anything. I remind you that if i tell my brother, its all over for you. You finally agree, and i ask you to strip for me. Do a slow strip and tease the fuck outta me. As you strip you start getting into the mood and start to like stripping for me. Begin talking dirty about how bad i am for having you do this for me. You love how horny you’re making me. As you get topless you tell me that you’ve seen my internet browser search history before and know what i like, as you begin to slowly tease your nips and spit on your tits. Making them all wet and spitty as you move your hand down to your thong and rub your pussy in them, teasing me more and more. Next you turn around, and slowly strip your thong off to the floor. Bending over and spreading your ass infront of me. You give yourself some hard spanks before moving your hand over your pussy and teasing it infront of me. I know you dont do anal, but im just asking if you can tease your ass a bit? Totally fine if you dont want too! Once fully naked you drop down to your knees between my legs and begin sucking your finger and talking dirty about sucking my cock. More teasing and spit play with your finger. You see im hard as fuck, so you pull my cock out and tease me more. Using your fingers at the tip of my cock and licking it slowly. Alot of dirty talk during this as you blow me. Super sloppy and spit dripping everywhere. Play with your tits while you suck me off. Im about to cum but you stop and say you’re not done your “services”. You jump up on me and ride me cowgirl, moaning my name and letting your tits bounce infront of me.Maybe even spit on your tits while riding me. Next do some reverse cowgirl while spanking your ass, as it transitions into doggystyle on the floor. Hot sweaty sloppy spitty rough sex. I fuck you hard and im close to cumming, i get up as you get on your knees under me, blowing me one last time before i cum all over your face and tits.

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