Download Seamless Silky Pantyhose Indiscretion – Painted Rose – Manyvids FullHD 1080p for Free

Seamless Silky Pantyhose Indiscretion – Painted Rose – Manyvids FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionMommy comes home from work in seamless blue silk hosiery and decide it’s a good time to talk to you about what happened the other day. “Honey, this can’t happen again” Mommy understands that it’s hard for you to resist being turned on and masturbating to Mommy in her pantyhose but I have to be the strong one here. I love too and Oh my gosh, you are getting hard. Mommy can’t stand it! I start rubbing my legs in the silky hosiery and open my legs and touch the smooth seamless crotch with no a shaved slick pussy inside. Supple and ready for your cock and cum. I rub myself and tell you to take it out and stop teasing me with your bulge. I rub hard and finger outside of my tights until I squirt and wet the hose three times. I tell you to cum. I leave to clean up and apologize for what I did. I made you cum again…I go to my room and change into some black seamless soft italian. I think of what we just did and my nipples get erect and my clit swells. I’m not thinking straight. I rip a hole in the hosiery to feel my wetness and start rubbing. I love my boy’s dick and I’m starving for him again. I call you in and tell you I need you one last time. This time I wrap the silky hose around your dick and stroke you with the silk hose we just cummed on and then I tell you to fuck mommy through the hole of my pantyhose. You enter my shaved pussy while rubbing on my hose. It feels so good that I lay you back and ride your dick until we both cum getting the black pantyhose stretched and wet with our cum. We decide this just can’t happen again…

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