Download Step Mom Is Hooked On My BBC – Jonathan Jordan, Cory Chase – Jerky Wives FullHD 1080p for Free

Step Mom Is Hooked On My BBC – Jonathan Jordan, Cory Chase – Jerky Wives FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionStep Mom Takes Over Stroking my BBC alone in my room, trying to get my morning Nut. In walks my Hot Step Mom Cory wearing only her robe. She has bad intentions and I know what she wants. She is craving my BBC and I am going to give it to her. Funny she has never seen it before and compares how big my Cock is to her face. I wonder if she can fit it into her mouth, I don’t know how much will fit but I know she is going to put it in! Cory then started teasing me! I thought she was going to get me off but she is going to work me up to the big morning nut of my life…or so I thought. She almost finishes me off when she gets off my cock and puts her Robe back on, telling me to meet her in HER bedroom. Hot Lingerie and BBC Step Mom was not in her bedroom but I knew she was cumming soon. I lay on her bed and waited. She cums in wearing the hottest outfit and starts her strip tease. She rubs those huge tits on my cock but does not pull my cock out yet. She wants my cock but on her terms. Cory shows off all her holes, ass, pussy and mouth. She even gave me a footjob. My first ever! I could go for one of those but first, I want that tight Milf pussy of hers. Step Mom mentions something about me becoming the man of the house, that is not something that interests me, I just want to fuck her. I have no idea how my BBC fit all the way inside of Cory but it did. She bounced up and down on my BBC and came all of me. She wanted to taste her pussy on my cock so she got off and blew me until I was ready to cum. I busted in her mouth and Step Mom did not spill a drop. There was a bit more than she expected but still swallowed everything! Time for breakfast and round 3 after!!! Swallowing My Step Son After a huge breakfast, I wanted to take a nap. An hour later, Step Mom Cory walks in wearing another hot dress. She only wears hot, easy to take off stuff. She just loves having my BBC in her mouth. She pulls my BBC out of my underwear and kisses it. That’s when she realizes she is over dressed and should take everything off. No bra or panties under the dress, super slut! She was thinking about my while grocery shopping, she was walking around the store dripping thinking of the next time we were going to fuck. That is now BTW! She wanted to finish a little differently this time, she wanted to blow me and then let me cum in her mouth. I was cool with that, as she jerked me off and I fed her my cum. Once again, she swallowed everything like the good Cum Loving Slut that she is. She cleans up her tits and then leaves to think about what is for dinner…

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