Download Manyvids Russell Grand, Katy Faery – Edging Daddy Before His Tinder Date FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Russell Grand, Katy Faery – Edging Daddy Before His Tinder Date FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionYour gorgeous Daughter, Katy Faery, sits on the couch in a tiny print dress..scrolling through your phone. She looks up, surprised that you caught her. “Oh, Hey Daddy!” Katy grins at you with a guilty smirk. “I know I’m not suppose to go on your phone.” Your daughter explains that she saw that you matched with another woman on Tinder, and have a big date tonight. Katy knows it’s been a while since you and Mom split up, and she really wants you to be able to move on, and find someone who will treat you right. “But….Daddy, I also know that you’re probably going to blow your load everywhere, as soon as you see her.” Your sexy daughter was thinking that maybe she could help you out before you go on your date, and take care of you. That way, you won’t be so quick to blow your load all over your new Tinder date. “I don’t want you to embarrass yourself, and I want you to have fun. Would you like that, Daddy?” Katy tells you to get comfortable, so she can properly please you before your date. You lay back, naked, and Katy lays down on her stomach. She starts to poke at your cock with her finger, “You’re already so hard, Daddy!” Your daughter tells you that she wants to try something that she has been learning. She thinks it will be perfect for training you to not cum so quick on your date. “It’s called edging. I just tease you, Daddy.. Make you rock hard, and bring you right to the point of cumming all over my pretty little face….but then I don’t let you.” Katy gives you a little smirk, and starts to lick and kiss up and down your hard cock. “You taste so good, Daddy.” Your daughter sucks the very tip of your cock, and gently rubs up and down with her fingers. Katy sticks out her tongue, and slaps your cock on her tongue. “Is this driving you crazy, Daddy?” Katy licks all around the tip of your cock. Your daughter tells you that she really hopes your date goes well. She knows that she can please you, but you need someone else to please you, as well. Your daughter kisses every inch of your cock, and licks your shaft and tip. She starts to rub your balls, gently, then goes back to slowly licking and kissing. Katy teases your cock with her tongue. “Daddy! Look at all this dripping from your cock.” She starts to play with your pre-cum. “Are you that excited?” She kisses you up and down, and starts to run her fingers down your cock. Your daughter takes all of your cock in her mouth, and starts to stroke you with one hand. She stops, and goes back to teasing you slowly. Katy licks your balls, and blows all over your cock. “Let me get a little more comfortable.” Katy strips off her dress, leaving just panties. “Do you like what you see, Daddy? Ok…Where was I?” Your daughter gets back down on her stomach, and starts to suck your cock. She shoves every inch down her throat, and starts to suck on the tip. Katy deep throats you, and starts to gently lick you again. Your daughter bounces her head up and down, sucking as fast as she can..”Not yet, Daddy!” Katy stops, and slowly teases you again. She sucks and teases your cock, “Ok, Daddy…I think you’ve waited long enough. You can cum whenever you are ready.” Your daughter continues to suck your cock, and stroke it with her hand. You cum all inside of Katy’s mouth, she sticks her tongue out and plays with your cum in her mouth.

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