Download Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Cuck For Your Country Daddy FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Cuck For Your Country Daddy FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionYour gorgeous babygirl, Katy Faery, sits on the couch in a festive blue bikini top, a red thong, red-white, and blue necklaces, and a red-white, and blue headband with stars on top. Katy is sitting next to Uncle Sam on the couch, grabbing his cock, as you sit on the floor. “Step-Daddy, I bet your’e wondering why I’m here with Uncle Sam.” Your step-daughter tells you that she knows she has always told you that you were the only one for her, but sometimes she just needs something a little….different. “..And Uncle Sam is SO patriotic.” She tells you that the 4th of July is coming up, and she thought the best way to spend it would be with Uncle Sam. “I know you’ll understand, Step-Daddy…But I want you to sit there and watch.” Katy gets on her stomach, and begins to suck Uncle Sam’s cock. She kicks her feet back and forth as she takes all of his cock down her throat. Your step-daughter looks back at you, while she licks Uncle Sam’s cock. She deep throats Uncle Sam’s cock…taking every inch of him. “Do you like me pleasing Uncle Sam, Step-Daddy? Or does it drive you a little crazy?” Your precious babygirl continues to kick her feet back and forth as she sucks Uncle Sam’s cock. She moves down on the floor, while Uncle Sam sits on the couch. “Now you can watch my ass while I blow Uncle Sam…” All you can see is Katy’s big beautiful ass in your face as her head bobs up and down on Uncle Sam’s cock. She rubs her ass as she sucks his cock. “You like that, Step-Daddy? All you can do is sit there and watch.” …

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