Download Halloween Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dark Spell FullHD 1080p for Free

Halloween Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dark Spell FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionWhen you first starting dating this amagingly hot girl, she told you up front that she was a “witch.” You laughed it off, thought that meant she would wear a pentacle and have some full moon rituals with her friends.. Maybe drink some tea and have a black cat? When she asked you to join a very special ritual, you didn’t know what to expect.. as she led you through the woods to a strange outdoor altar. She tells you that the ritual requires your help and she’s glad you’ve volunteered to be part of it. She explains that the coven will be summoning a very old, very powerful spirit who will bless them and imbue them with powers. But the spirit requires a sacrifice– not of life, but a sexual sacrifice. She likes to take over the body of one of her followers and fuck the sacrifice. You agree.. this sounds weird but hey, sex outside? Who cares? She begins to disrobe and when you see her outfit, your jaw drops and your cock grows hard. Before you can say a word, she begins the ritual, calling the spirit and summoning her presence. Then.. she begins to pant.. her skin glows.. the spirit has chosen and she is very, very interested in what your body has to offer. Her voice is deeper, accented, and so undeniably sexy. You can’t resist. The ritual must finish.. one way or another.

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