Download Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Daddy-Daughter Special Morning Time FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Daddy-Daughter Special Morning Time FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionA Family Dilemma Part 1 Little cutie, Katy Faery, is typing away on her computer while she is supposed to get ready for school. Her hair is tied in pigtails, and she is still in her night-time t-shirt and panties. Katy pulls out her purple “Daddy’s Girl” collar, and is checking it out in her webcam. One side says “Babygirl” and the other says, “Daddy’s Little Angel”. Katy puts the collar around her neck, “I love the way this collar looks on me..” Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Katy’s Daddy walks in and tells her she is supposed to be getting ready for school. She tells him that she was simply looking at her collar, and was trying to get ready. “Remember, you can’t tell anyone about your special collar!” Katy nods her head, “Yes, Daddy.” He tells her that he has to get ready for work, and she needs to get ready for school… But they still need to have their morning “special time”. Katy begins to unzip her Daddy’s pants, and pulls out his cock. Katy begins slowly sucking the tip of her father’s cock, with her long pigtails trailing down her back. “I always want to please you.” Katy strokes and sucks her Daddy’s big dick…loving every moment of it. He grabs her pigtails and shoves her head on his cock. Katy deep throats all of his cock, and rubs his balls through his pants. Katy gently strokes his cock, and kisses up and down the sides of his smooth shaft. “I think my cock wants something else now, baby. Take off your panties and turn around.” Katy rips off her panties, and gets on all fours. He shoves his cock inside of her tight little pussy, “Daddy, you’re too big!” Katy moans out as he thrusts in and out of her. He grips her asscheeks as he goes deeper inside of her. Katy flips over on her back, and her Daddy continues to fuck her hard. Katy and her Daddy cum at the same time, and he cums all inside of her tiny pussy. Katy runs to the bathroom to get all the cum out of her. She walks back into her room, and plops on the bed. She quickly notices that she left her webcam on the entire time! Hopefully no saw what naughty things she was doing her father

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