Download Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Russel Grand – BabyGirl Punished & Fucked By Daddy FullHD 1080p for Free

Manyvids Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films – Russel Grand – BabyGirl Punished & Fucked By Daddy FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionA Family Dilemma Part 3 Your cute little daughter, Katy Faery, sits in her school desk, with her hair tied back in pigtails. She sits in a sexy tiny skirt, and sky blue tank top. Katy is writing all the sentences you told her to do as punishment. “Ok, Daddy. I finished my writing assignment. I wrote, -I will not fuck my Brother, only my Daddy.- 500 times.” Katy tells you that all that writing really made her tired, and she hands you the “Daddy” engraved paddle. You tell Katy that you are not going to spank her. You know she enjoys it too much, so as punishment, you make her spank herself. “But Daddy!” Katy bows her head…”Okay, Daddy. Whatever you say.” She stands up, pulls up her tiny pinstriped schoolgirl skirt, and bends over the desk. Katy’s tiny pink crotchless thong shows as she prepares to spank herself with the paddle. “Like this, Daddy?” Katy spanks herself of the right asscheek one time. “Is that good, Daddy?” You shake your head no, and Katy continues. She pops her ass with the paddle again, and again.. making her ass fiery red. “Daddy! My ass is getting so red..” Katy moans with each spank, telling you how much it hurts. Katy turns around, sits on the desk and spreads her legs. “Do you want me to spank here, Daddy?” Katy starts to spank her pussy with her hands, then with the paddle. “Is that enough, Daddy? Do you want me to use my mouth now?” She sits back in the school desk, and begins to suck your cock slowly. “The only cock I’ll ever please is yours, Daddy.” You grab Katy by the pigtails, and fuck her face. Katy deep throats every inch of your cock, looking up with her big brown eyes. Katy licks your balls, and sucks the tip of your cock. You grab Katy by the hair again, and shove your cock deep in her throat. “Do you want me to turn around now, Daddy?” Katy gets up and bends over the desk, and you shove your cock inside of her. “My pussy is ALL yours, Daddy!” Katy moans out as you fuck her on the desk. You ram your cock in and out of her tight little pussy, slapping her ass as you thrust. Katy gets on her knees again, and sucks your cock. You tell Katy that she’s not allowed to swallow your cum.. she has to wear it on her face all day as punishment. Katy sucks and strokes your cock with her tiny hands until you cum all over her face

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