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Lingerie mom #20 – HotWifeRio FullHD 1080p c4s
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DescriptionAdded 09/19/2021 I’m having one of my clients come over before my son Billy gets home so I was in my office straightening the daybed before working and Billy walks in behind me. I was surprised to see him there and told him I had to work soon. He saw my sexy outfit and panties and there was a instant bulge growing in his pants. He had this please fuck me mom look on his face that I couldn’t resist. I showed him the rest of my sexy outfit and talked dirty while he stroked his dick for me. I then asked him if he wanted mommy to suck on his dick and he nodded yes so he came over to the bed and I began stroking the shaft and licking and sucking the head. He got so hard for mommy! I sucked on his dick for a while and then he bent me over the bed and fucked me so he could make his mommy cum. It felt so good in my pussy! After he felt mommy cum he pulled out and shot his load on my breasts. I licked up what I could and thanked him for being a good boy!

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