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Mom Fixes Covid – Chy Latte FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionAww honey! Look at my sweet boy! Even though we got the vaccine, it doesn’t prevent Covid 100%, it just helps your body fight through it if you do catch it. How are you feeling? Is there anything I can do to help make you feel better? I’ll tuck you in nice and tight so you can be comfy! It seems my buttons on my top have come undone…..You want Mommy to keep her buttons undone? Why? I think the fever has you a little loopy. Why would you want Mommy to put her breasts in your face? Anything to help my little one feel better. Kiss Mommy’s tits. Grab them. Oooh! Mommy can feel how hard you are through your boxers! I want to suck on my boy’s big, hard dick! Is this making you feel any better? *climbs on top* Don’t fight Mommy. Mommy wants to feel that hard cock inside her wet pussy. Take it sweety! Suck on my tits while your dick is inside of Mommy! Oh! You’re going to make Mommy cum! Eat Mommy’s pussy! Do you have enough strength to use your tongue? Lick Mommy real good! I want to take myself on your dick! Have you ever had a girl suck your dick like Mommy is? Mommy’s going to let you rest, but she’ll come back for more tomorrow *Hours Later* Mommy wants more. She wants to fuck that rock hard dick until her son feels better! Suck those titties like you did yesterday! I hope this makes Mommy’s boy feel better. Now that your dick ahs come inside of Mommy’s wet, hot pussy. This is going to be a regular thing until you feel better. Mommy knows how to cure Covid! [Tags: Chy Latte, MILF, Ebony MILF, Mommy, Virtual Sex, POV, Role Play, Roleplay, Mommmy/son, Mommas boy, tit fetish, big tits, dick riding, dildo riding, virtual cunnilingus, ass fetish, ass shaking, blowjob, blow job, dildo sucking, moaning fetish]

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