Download Pranking Ur Gullible Sis Into Bjfacial – Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films FullHD 1080p for Free

Pranking Ur Gullible Sis Into Bjfacial – Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionYour gorgeous step-sister, Katy Faery, sits in her chicken and waffles tank, and kitty panties on the couch… strolling through her phone. “Hey Step-Bro, can I talk to you about something?” Katy goes on to tell you that these girls at school have been making fun of her really bad. They tease her for having acne, and even call her “pizza face”. Your step-sister tells you that the girls at school yelled at her and told her she needed to get a facial, because she looked terrible. The girls at school have really hurt your step-sister’s feelings. Katy tells you that she had no idea what a facial really is, since she’s never had one. She searched it online, and saw that you had looked up facials before, too. What she didn’t know is that you were looking up a completely different type of facial. “All these girls came up with all that….stuff…all over their face. It’s something I’m willing to do, if it’s going to help my skin.” Katy goes on to tell you that she read an article that semen is actually good for your skin. Your little step-sister doesn’t want to ask any random guys at school to give her a facial, because she doesn’t want the girls to make fun of her for being a pizza face & whore. Katy was thinking, since you obviously like giving facials, and she really needs one….maybe you can do it for her? You are her Step-Brother, and she trusts you…and she really needs her skin to clear up. You chuckle to yourself at how gullible your Step-Sister is, and agree to give her a “facial”. “Thanks Step-Bro!” Katy lays down, and starts to stroke your cock with her hand. “This is a little…weird. But I saw all those videos, so I think I can get the hang of it.” Your sexy step-sister starts to suck the tip of your cock, slowly kissing up and down your shaft. “Thanks for helping me out… That’s what family is for, right?” Katy strokes and sucks your cock sensually. Your step-sister runs her tongue all over your cock, and slowly licks you. “So you help other girls do this all the time? I bet they have really good skin..” Katy kicks her feet back and forth as she grips your cock and sucks. She tells you that she wants to get on her knees, so you can get a clear shot to cum all over her face. Your step-sister gets down on her knees, and continues to suck your cock. “So, girls at school are just getting facials from guys all the time? I knew they were sluts, I didn’t know they were that big of sluts.” Katy admits that she can see why the other girls like it so much, it’s kinda fun. Your step-sister sucks your cock, and strokes it with her tiny hand. She kisses up and down, “Alright Step-Brother, hurry up. I’m ready for this facial.” Katy sucks your cock a bit more, and strokes with her hand. You cum all over your step-sister’s pretty face, and she begins to rub it all in with her fingers. You start to laugh at her, and tell her that’s not a real facial. You tell your step-sister that a real facial is what you get at the spa. “What did I just do?!” Katy freaks out, and tells you that you are messed up…and to never tell anyone that happened.

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