Download Primal’s Disgraced Superheroines – Danger Girl Violated and Fails to Get Vengence HD 720p for Free

Primal’s Disgraced Superheroines – Danger Girl Violated and Fails to Get Vengence HD 720p
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DescriptionMarina is being kept late, late after class by Miss Kenna for being tardy and failing her assignments. The strict teacher is tired from a long day and leaves to get coffee, warning Marina to be hard at work when she gets back, and that she better stay put. At just the moment Miss Kenna leaves Marina gets a call on her Danger Phone, she has a mission!! She leaves to get her costume on but is almost immediately being brought back into the room by her ear as Miss Kenna catches her. Marina is pleading but Miss Kenna administers corporal punishment on the young girls firm round butt until it is red. Marina is put back to work and Miss Kenna gets her coffee, as she cuts through the gym the teacher hears a noise in the girls locker room and finds her self in a throat crushing hold. A super strong thug is demanding to know where Danger Girl is, he tracked her phone signal and knows she is near. Miss Kenna is terrified and doesn’t know anything so the thug takes out a rag and gives her a nap Marina’s (who is of course, Danger Girl) danger sense goes off but as she leaps up to go get her costume she comes face to face with thug twice her size. he demands to know where Danger Girl and and Marine plays dumb to protect her identity. The thug delivers punishing blows and although Danger Girl has a super pain threshold she is is weakened. When she still won’t give answers she is given a nap and then wakes to find her hands bound. The thug questions her and spanks her ass, much harder than Miss Kenna did. Finally the thug takes advantage and fucks the helpless girl’s small young pussy. Marina won’t risk her identity and takes the hard fucking, even to point of being made to CUM from the relentless pounding The thug finishes on Danger Girl’s face and mouth and leaves her tied up and dripping cum from her lips and braces. She immediately struggles to get free and catches up to the thug as he cuts through the gym. Danger Girl puts up a good fight, and it goes back and forth for a while, but the thug over powers her and the battle ends with Danger Girl hanging over his shoulder

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