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Manyvids Kelly Payne – Confessing to Mom FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionMom is relaxing after a long day, and notices you staring at her… You tell her you want to talk and confess you weren’t planning on going to your friends tonight you were actually planning on going to your girlfriends. Mom seems confused as why you wouldn’t just tell her, she doesn’t care. You then start to confess a little more… and more.. Mom tries her best to react with empathy and … love. She’s not judging… just… taking it all in… she’s shocked to find out your a virgin and have only kissed a girl. She’s even more shocked that you want your own mom to help you out as you seem to only get hard when your around your mom? She agrees to help you, but not fuck you. She undresses and masturbates bringing herself to many orgasms… pausing and encouraging you to stroke yourself… she refrains from looking at you…. at first, and doesn’t notice how close to her you’ve gotten… you can’t help yourself… you pull her in despite her disapproval in her voice… and shove yourself deep inside of her… you both are overwhelmed by pleasure and continue to enjoy one another until you explode inside of her… hopefully you didn’t just get your mom pregnant.

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