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Daddy gets degraded and punished – Brea Rose FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionAdded: 9/13/21 My step-dad has been trying to punish me for misbehaving but he is having no luck trying to get through to me, he gets my Uncle to help him with my punishment. I have been caught sucking the boy’s at schools cock, and flashing my teachers, they confront me about it but I just deny it all. They make me get my tits out, and get on my knees and take it in turns to suck both my step-dad and then Uncle’s cock, this is so wrong! They make me say degrading things about myself about what a slut I am for loving cock so much. They tell me they are going to turn me into an anal whore, and make me take each of their cocks in my virgin asshole, and then lick them clean! This is so gross and degrading. They have one last part of the punishment, they let the family doggy into the room and he fucks my ass with his doggy cock! My step-dad and uncle think its hilarious, I am so embarrassed as the family doggy cums inside of my asshole! Tags: role play, degrading, punishment, step-daughter, step-daddy, uncle, blow job, anal, doggystyle, ass to mouth, atm, brat, doggy cock.

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