Download Captive Chrissy Marie – Mesmerized and Manipulated SD mp4 for Free

Captive Chrissy Marie – Mesmerized and Manipulated SD mp4
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DescriptionChrissy Marie is chatting with a guy on cam when he asks her to take off her top. She tells him that costs a little extra and he tells her he already spent all he could on the session. She tells him sorry but no tip, no titties! She goes to log off and move on to the next guy but all of a sudden a mesmerizing spiral pops up on her screen and entrances her into doing whatever he asks her too! Her eyes glaze over and she is completely under his control. He picks up where they left off an tells her to take off her top. She does as she is told while in her trance. He has her pinch her nipples and play with her boobs for a bit then makes her strip off her shorts and give herself a hard spanking on her bare ass until it’s nice and red! Next he has her remove her ankle socks and show off her bare soles, then he makes her lick her feet and suck her own toes! He even gets her to rub lotion all over her big tits and shaved pussy! When he is finished with her he has her get dressed and tells her that when she awakens from her trance she will remember nothing. He snaps her out of it her computer screen goes blank and she looks around dazed and confused. She has no idea what happened, thinking she must have just dozed off from being so sleepy. She turns in for the night completely unaware of the free show she just put on while deeply entranced!

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