Download Is Your Father Home? – Nick Strokes, Shay Sights FullHD 1080p for Free

Is Your Father Home? – Nick Strokes, Shay Sights FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionStepmom (Shay Sights) is a taskmaster: when her son Nick (Strokes) brings her a glass of water, she immediately reprimands him for failing to put a coaster under the glass -“what if it leaves a mark on the living room coffee table?” She complains to her silent stepson (his responses are only denoted by camera movements signifying Yes or No in the POV-camera format) about how his dad pays no attention to her at all, not the way a husband should treat his wife. And she works like a dog, even though he told her she’d neve have to work a day in her life. She does concede that he has raised Nick well, noting: “I’m so happy to have you”. She invites him upstairs to her bedroom to help her pick out the outfits she’ll wear for the week. Relaxing on her bed, she speaks confidentially to Nick: “You know your father, he’s not a good man. He has mistresses -he’s not good like you, Nick. He doesn’t fulfill any of his husbandly duties -do you know what I mean? Husbands and wives are supposed to make love. I do everything I’m supposed to and I’m a good wife -I’m obedient, I cook dinner every night. I don’t think of it as a chore -I like pleasing men. Your father just never asks anymore. He’s always busy, or working. He falls asleep before I’m even satisfied sometimes. It’s not the life I want to live”. Shay reaches out to Nick, rubbing his side, and declares: “Don’t be shy. You see how hard I work for this family, don’t you? You want me to be happy, don’t you? I deserve to be satisfied, don’t I?”. She begins to stroke his groin, and says: “You’re a big boy -I wouldn’t have guessed”, but Nick removes her hands from his body. She takes umbrage, saying: “I thought you wanted to help me. I know it seems strange, maybe a little bit unconventional, but we all have needs -even you do. I felt how hard you were. Don’t be ashamed -you’re a very well-endowed young man -you’ll make a lot of women happy. Tell me the truth: when you’re stroking that nice, big cock, do you ever think about mommy?”. Shay takes her son’s hand and places it on her breast, asking: “Is that what you imagined it would feel like?”. She kneels down in front of him and rubs his cock, saying: “You’ve been wanting mommy to touch you for a long time. You’ve been such a good boy, doing everything mommy wanted you to do, mommy’s going to give you a surprise”. She undoes his jeans, with his semi-erect dick popping out in front of her face. “Is that all for mommy?”, she purrs, grasping his cock and licking its tip. She begins sucking it, going deeper and deeper. “Mommy likes feeling it get hard in her mouth”, she whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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