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Showering With My Friends Hot Mom – GlazzedStudios Willow Grace FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionThis is the full and complete series called Showering With My Friends Hot Mom, this series stars Willow Grace. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Blond CFNM Handjob Topless Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series. So after the past few days with me accidentally messing up this SHOWER schedule I have decided that this morning I was going to just go in at the wrong time on purpose to see what happens. When I walked in the bathroom I saw Mrs.G standing there in her robe with her beautiful big boobs out. WOW I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Mrs.G said with a huge smile on her face that apparently I couldn’t read the schedule and this has just become our routine . She never once tried to cover up. When I said I was just going to get in the shower she told me she would be in there soon. I jumped in the shower and immediately started to stroke my cock I wonder how far I can get her to go this morning. When she got in the shower I was already hard and as she was soaping up I bumped her but with my hard cock twice. Mrs G asked why I haven’t taken care of my morning wood before she got in and I told her I was having issues and I asked her if she could help she quickly said yes. She got on her knees and started stroking me like yesterday. I was taking too long to cum and Mrs.G told me I needed to hurry up so I figured I would shoot my shot . I asked her if there was anything that she could do to speed things up? She looked up at me and asked like what so I just asked if she could put it in her mouth!!!! Mrs.G looked at me with a smirk on her face. I could tell she knew what I was up to and said I better not tell anyone about what she was about to do then she took my cock into her mouth all the way to my balls. I almost fell it felt so good. Mrs.G sucked me like she had wanted my cock for as long as I had wanted to give it to her. I just couldn’t hold back. I pumped my load into Mrs.Gs throat and she swallowed every drop. When we were finished with her still trying to catch her breath I asked if I would see her in the morning at the same time she said yes!!!!! I am so ready for tomorrow. I was invited to stay at my friend Brian’s house this week while my parents are out of town so I didn’t have to stay with my grandparents. His mom Mrs. Grace is like a second mom to me and she is super HOT too. When I got to Brains I told Mrs. Grace thanks for letting me stay and she told me I am always welcome to stay. I then asked where Mr. Grace was and she told me he leaves for work early every morning . I told her Brian and I where just going to play some video games and relax. She told me to have fun. When I started to walk away Mrs. Grace told me that the upstairs bathroom was broken and that she has posted a schedule for us to follow so we would all have hot water and not bother each other in the shower. I was like cool see ya later. I took my time getting up the next morning then headed to Mrs. G’s bathroom for a shower. when I got into the bathroom she was already in there, she said she had to shower too or she would be late for work but she didn’t want me to be late for school either. She told me to shower really fast and she would get in after me, she reminded me not use all the hot water and then she left the bathroom. I was in the shower a few minutes you know releasing stress before class and Mrs. Grace came back into the bathroom, I got a Little scared since the shower door was see through. She said I was taking to long and she was just gonna join me so she wasn’t late for work. When she got in she told me that I didn’t need to share the fact she was in the shower with me to anyone. I was in shock but she had her back to me so I kept stroking my cock as I watched her soap up her beautiful naked body. I cant believe this is happening I got so hard and when Mrs. Grace bent over I accidently bumped her with my cock she jumped and asked if I just bumped her? I told her I was sorry. Then I explained that I normally take care of myself in the mornings before class she asked if I could just turn around while I do it so I did. I was so excited she knew I was stroking my cock trying to cum and she just showered like it was no big deal. I noticed her peaking over her shoulder I couldn’t contain myself and when I started to blow my load I turned towards her and shot it all over her ass!!!! She was very surprised and asked if I just came on her ass she sounded mad but I saw a little smile on her face as she rinsed my cum off.

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