Download Impregnating My Girlfriends Hot Mom Compete series Lauryn Mae – WCA Productions FullHD 1080p for Free

Impregnating My Girlfriends Hot Mom Compete series Lauryn Mae – WCA Productions FullHD 1080p
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DescriptionThis is the full and complete series called Impregnating My Girlfriends Hot Mom, this series stars Lauryn Mae. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Impregnate Impregnation CFNM Handjob Nude Naked Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series. was done with school and practice for the day and i was headed to my girlfriends Ashley’s house. to be honest i was really excited because she had me get tested to make sure i was clean before we had sex for the first time. when i got to her house i found her mom Lauryn in the kitchen, we made some small talk and then she hit me with a bomb. she told me she knew i had taken the test for her daughter and she said she was happy i was willing to do something like that for her. i told her i was crazy about her daughter and then said i should head to Ashley’s room so we could get started with out study session. a couple of hours later Ashely told me she was tired and wanted to call it for the day, she said she needed to take a nap. i got stuff together and headed out, i walked downstairs and heard Lauryn doing stuff in the kitchen. i stuck my head in to say goodbye but she stopped me and said she had something else she wanted to talk to me about. she told me she was happy about me getting tested for her daughter but there was another test that Ashley didn’t mention me taking, she said to be complete safe she needed me to have my sperm tested. i had never heard of a test like that but since Ashley’s mom had been so call about us starting have sex i figured i could jerk off in cup for her. i asked her if she wanted me to go to a clinic or something, she said she had a sample cup here for me. she told me to just go into her bedroom and do my thing and then she would have it tested for me. before i knew what was happening i was jerking off on my girlfriends parents bed with my girlfriend upstairs taking a nap and her mom right outside the door. i had been at it for a few minutes when Lauryn just walked in. she asked how it was going. i told her i just couldn’t finish, i said it was kind of weird and i could focus. she said she understood and asked if i wanted her help, i didn’t know what she meant but i said yes. she lubed up her hands and started jerking me off. i was in heaven, i always thought Lauryn was hot but this was like a dream cum true. having my girlfriends hot mom jerk me off into a cup wasn’t defiantly the greatest thing ever to happen to me! i still cant think if a Sperm test that will make sure im clean but i cant think of anything else she would need my sperm for

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