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Mom Fucks Son’s Best Buddy Canadian ImMeganLive – Manyvids HD 720p
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DescriptionYou are my son’s college best buddy and you are staying at my house. You, my son and I are all watching a movie together. It’s getting late and my son has to work the night shift so he decides to go to bed for a nap. I want to watch the end of the movie and ask you to stay and keep me company. I know you had a crush on me for a while and decide to flirt with you a bit. I tell you that I’m a bit cold and ask you to sit next to me as we watch the movie. I ask you to rub my legs to stay warm. As you are rubbing my leg I take your hand and slowly move it higher up my leg. I can tell you’re getting aroused and notice you’re getting a boner. I tell you to take your pants off so I can see it. I start giving you a hand job. I ask you if you want to see my tits and then I take my top off. I then start to give you a tit fuck. I am getting really horny now and tell you I want to ride your cock. I get on top of you and start riding you. After a while I ask you to fuck me from behind. As you’re getting closer to climax I tell you I want you to cum on my tits. I turn around and let you cum all over my tits.

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